Medicine is a part of Allah’s predestination ( al Qadar).

Brief summary of the explanation of this hadith:
BismiLLAHir Rahmanir Rahim

Abu Khuzamah said, “I said, “O Messenger of ALLAH, Ruqyah that we use, medicine that we take and provision ~Does this change anything in what ALLAH has foreseen for us?”. He said, “They are a part of ALLAH’s predestination (Al Qadar).” [Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah]

Allah subhana wa ta’ala has created an opposite for everything He has created, so also for every disease its cure.
If the sick person does not seek the cure and take appropriate remedies, then he will not get well, just as if the time of healing has not yet come or his body is not ready to carry out the recovery process. I.e. one must use the means that Allah has provided for us, for this is part of true tawakkul (trust in God). Those who claim that they trust in Allah and do nothing contradict tawakkul and even weaken it by doing so, for the definition of tawakkul is to trust in Allah ta’ala from the beginning, one’s heart is in it from the beginning, but one must do all that is in one’s power, all that one is capable of (using the remedies here) and despite everything, one’s heart is completely with Allah and less with the reasons/means one uses. Once one has exhausted all means, there is nothing more one can do and leaves it to Allah subhana wa ta’ala. One who acts in this way (in this case, seeking and using the remedies) strengthens his tawakkul (trust in God. This is part of predestination, just as when one answers the call of one’s body for hunger or thirst with appropriate remedies.

The full explanation can be found in the book “The Prophetic Medicine” by Ibn Qayyim al Jauziyyah on page 23-28.

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