πŸ”Ž What is musk / misk? πŸ”¬ (not for the faint-hearted!)

We often receive enquiries whether our misk is original real musk. Therefore, as an animal rights activist, I would like to draw attention to something.

Original musk (Arab. Misk) comes from the musk deer. These are small deer, about 60-90 cm tall, which are threatened with extinction by hunting for their precious secretion (the original musk).

This secretion is used to attract females during their mating season and to get this secretion, the animals are killed, and the glands are squeezed. The animals are not processed further.

This is the reason why 3ml of original musk from the musk deer normally costs around 350-400 β‚¬, more expensive than gold.

We at SunnahCure offer only synthetically produced fragrances, where no animals have been killed and still in very good quality at a reasonable price.

More (animal-free) fragrances to follow in shaa Allah.

Sources: WWF, Duden, Zoo-Leipzig.

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