Ruqyah Consulting (Anamnese/Diagnosis/Therapy)



We offer a Professional Ruqyah Consulting. With this one we can say more precisely whether it has a physical, physical and/or spiritual (Jinn/Sihr) cause and many detailed explanations how to do a therapy for oneself. The advice is in writing, i.e. via WhatsApp or email. After the payment, you will receive a patient form we have created (as a link) with which we can take the anamnesis. The patient form has many questions that you simply have to tick if they apply. At the end you have to write a detailed text and explain your situation, i.e. all your problems etc. Then we evaluate this patient form. If we have any additional questions, I will ask them, but 99% of the time the patient form is sufficient. After the evaluation, in sha ALLAH, you will receive a detailed diagnosis with advice how to treat yourself within 2 – 7 days. This is 100% anonymous and the data will all be deleted from our side afterwards, in sha ALLAH.

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Ruqyah Consulting (Anamnese/Diagnosis/Therapy)Ruqyah Consulting (Anamnese/Diagnosis/Therapy)
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