How to use Rose Water

Application for a beautiful skin complexion

Soak a cotton pad in SunnahCure rose water and rub it on your face or affected area. Don’t rinse off. Use morning and evening.

Application for dark circles under the eyes

Soak 2 cotton pads in SunnahCure rose water and place 1 pad on each eye for 15 minutes.

Use for headaches

Mix aloe juice with SunnahCure rose water and massage this onto your forehead and cheeks.

Application in a Ruqyah bath or aroma bath

Mix SunnahCure rose water into the bath water.

Use in Ruqyah house cleaning

Mix some SunnahCure rose water with the Ruqyah water and spray your home with it every day. In particular, the corners of the ceiling and ceiling edges with “BismiLLAH”.

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