How to use Black Musk Fragrance Stone

As a perfume

Apply the SunnahCure musk to the desired areas by rubbing it against the skin. You can also crush some of the musk and rub it under the armpits.

In case of internal or external possession by a zina and love jinn, apply the musk around the intimate area, especially at night before going to bed (but also during the day).

As a room scent

Leave the SunnahCure musk stone in the room that is to be scented with musk, or crush some of the musk stone and use it in a fragrance lamp instead of the fragrance oil that is normally used.

As Bakhour (incense)

Light a charcoal tablet and place it in a non-flammable container (bakhour burner, aluminium foil, etc.). After the charcoal has ignited, wait another 10-15 minutes. Now place 1-2 pinches of the SunnahCure Black Musk Bukhur stone on the charcoal tablet, so that a pleasant incense scent is created and now spread the scent of the Bakhour in the desired place. If the smoke begins to smell unpleasant, remove the old Bakhour and place 1-2 pinches on the charcoal again. You can repeat this process during the glowing time of the charcoal tablet.

Read the burning Bakhour with the Qur’an, at best with the following Suwar/Ayat:

  • Al Fatiha
  • Ayatul Kursi
  • Araf: 117-122
  • Yunus:81-82
  • Taha: 68-70
  • Al Ikhlas
  • Al Falaq
  • An Nas

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