Real Saffron (Crocus Sativus)

How to use Real Saffron (Safran)

As a remedy for mental and physical complaints

Steep 3-4 SunnahCure saffron threads in a cup of hot water or milk and drink it.

For stomach problems, vomiting and nausea, make a tea of saffron threads, peppermint and fennel. Pour hot water over these 3 ingredients, cover the container for 5-10 minutes so that no valuable substances are lost and drink this.


Saffron should always be taken sparingly as excessive consumption could lead to laughter, dizziness and palpitations and is narcotic in high quantities. Pregnant women should avoid saffron as in large quantities it stimulates the uterus and could cause miscarriages. However, dishes flavoured with saffron are safe.

Use in Ruqyah

In case of pain or problems in the body, mix some SunnahCure saffron threads with Ruqya water and bathe in this water for about 20 minutes.

For more information -> See “Ruqya Intensive Bath”.

As a spice

Crush the SunnahCure saffron threads carefully and let them steep in lukewarm water, milk or broth for a few minutes and then always add this mixture to the food just before the end of the cooking time so that the full aroma can develop! Enjoy your meal!

As a colouring agent

Put 2.5 grams of SunnahCure saffron threads in 300ml of cold water overnight and leave it to stand overnight. Boil this saffron water the next day, then let it cool down to 40°C and put the textiles to be dyed in it (suitable for cotton, wool and silk, no need to pre-pickle) and heat them up to 80°C. After 30 minutes you will get the desired dye. After 30 minutes you will get the desired colour.

Application for the Aqiqah of a newborn baby

After shaving the child’s head on its 7th day of life, smear some SunnahCure saffron around its head.

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