“It is an abode, and what an abode! The worldly abode, the abode of lowliness! If it makes you laugh for a day, it will make you weep for days; if it delighted you for a day, it will afflict you for years. It is a painful abode! It is an abode filled with grief, wherein Allah pours out visitations on the believer. The best thing that the believing servant needs in this abode, when his affliction and grief become tremendous, is someone to help him during his pain and sorrow. The thing the believer needs most is a word from a brother to steady him or a message from a beloved to comfort him. The believer needs brothers who comfort him regarding his pains and sorrows and who try to remove what has happened [to him].”

  • Sh. Muhammad al Mukhtar ash Shinqiti حفظه الله.

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