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SunnahCure Organic Talbinah – Traditional Moroccan Stone-Ground Barley Flour

Step into the world of natural wellness with SunnahCure’s Organic Talbinah, a premium barley flour sourced directly from the fertile fields of Morocco. Our Talbinah is not just any barley flour; it’s stone-ground using traditional methods, ensuring that every grain retains its nutritional integrity and natural flavor.

Moroccan Heritage, Global Health Benefits:

SunnahCure Organic Talbinah brings the ancient Moroccan tradition of stone-grinding to your kitchen. This process results in a flour that is rich in dietary fiber, essential vitamins, and minerals, making it an excellent choice for a nutritious diet. Our organic barley flour is a superfood that supports digestive health, heart health, and overall wellbeing.

Versatile and Nutrient-Packed:

Whether used in traditional Moroccan recipes, modern baking, or healthy smoothies, SunnahCure Talbinah is a versatile addition to any meal. This organic, stone-ground barley flour is not only easy to use but also packs a punch of health benefits, catering to those seeking a holistic approach to nutrition.

Why SunnahCure Organic Talbinah Stands Out:

  • Authentically Moroccan: Sourced and stone-ground in Morocco for genuine quality.
  • Rich in Nutrients: A superfood high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Stone-Ground Goodness: Traditional stone-grinding preserves natural flavors and nutrients.
  • Organic and Natural: Free from additives, perfect for organic diets.
  • Versatile Kitchen Essential: Ideal for a variety of culinary uses, from baking to cooking.

Experience the Natural Elegance of Moroccan Barley Flour:

SunnahCure Organic Talbinah is more than just barley flour – it’s a gateway to embracing the wholesome benefits of Moroccan agriculture. Purchase your pack today and discover the rich, nutritious, and versatile qualities of our stone-ground organic barley flour, a true superfood for the health-conscious.


How to use
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Scope of delivery
500gr SunnahCure Talbina (barley flour)

Benefits from Islamic sources
“Talbînah calms the heart of the sick and removes some of his grief.” (Narrated by al-Bukhâri, 5365; Muslim, 2216)

Ibn al-Qayyim said:
“If you want to know the healing powers of Talbinah, then think of the healing powers of barley water, for it is barley water for them. It is a soup made from whole grain barley flour. The difference between this soup and barley water is that the latter is made from the whole grains, whereas talbînah is made from flour, which is more beneficial as the active ingredients in the barley are released through the milling. We mentioned above that habits have an impact on whether medicines and foods are beneficial. It was the habit of the people to drink barley water made from the flour instead of the whole grains, which is more nutritious and potent…”
(Zâd al-Ma’âd, 4/120)

Al-Haafiz ibn Hajar (may Allaah have mercy on him) said when describing Talbinah: It is food prepared from flour or bran, to which honey may be added. It is so called because it resembles milk due to its white color and consistency. Its virtue is that it is soft and well-cooked, not hard and raw.”
(Fath al-Bâri, 9/550)

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