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for enhancing the effect of Ruqya water; elimination of Sihr and ‘Ayn/Hassad; for washing a deceased; upon acceptance of Islam, for powerful shiny hair

Product description
The Sidr tree (Ziziphus lotus) is mentioned in 4 places in the Quran (see benefits from Islamic sources) and grows in dry areas, including Morocco. Its leaves are used as a cosmetic, for washing the deceased, or for Ruqya treatment.

Benefits of the SunnahCure Sidr:
✔️ Increases the effect of Ruqya Water
✔️ Helps eliminate Sihr
✔️ Can help eliminate impotence
✔️ For washing a deceased
✔️ In accepting Islam
✔️ Can support powerful shiny hair
✔️ Suitable for drinking and washing
✔️ Suitable for permanent use in Sihr (sorcery) and Mass (possession).

How to use
Please check our blog for more information, step-by-step instructions, possible applications and more

– Since the sidr tree belongs to the buckthorn family, thorns are part of the plant (but only the leaves are needed).

Scope of delivery
100g SunnahCure Sidr leafs

The information presented herein by SunnahCure is intended for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by health professionals and is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease. Individual results may vary, and before using any supplements, it is always advisable to consult with your own health care provider.
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Benefits from Islamic sources
Allah says:
لفأعرضوا فأرسلنا عليہم سيل ٱلعرم وبدلنهم بجنتيہم جنتين ذواتى ڪڪل خمط وثثل وىءىء من سدر قليل
But they turned away (instead of showing gratitude). Then We sent the dam flood (sail al-`arim) upon them and exchanged them for their two (fertile) gardens two (others) in which there are (only) thornbush fruits (ukul khamt), tamarisk trees (athl) and there were a few cizyphus trees (sidr).
(Saba: 15-16)

وهو بٱلأفق ٱلأعلى (7) ثم دنا فتدلى (8) فكان قاب قوسين أو أدنى (9) فأوحى إلى عبده مآ أوحى (10) ما كذب ٱلفؤاد ما رأى (11) أفتمرونه على ما يرى (12) ولقد رءاه نزلة أخرى (13 ) عند سدرة ٱلمنتهى (14) عندها جنة ٱلمأوى (15) إذ يغغى ٱلسدرة ما يغغى (16) ما زاغ ٱلبصر وما طغى (17) لقد رىى من ءايت ربه ٱلكبرى (18)
and was at the highest level of vision.
Then he came nearer and descended,
so that he was (only) two arc lengths away or even nearer.
Then He entered into His servant (as a revelation) what He entered into.
What it saw did not lie to its heart.
Do you want to argue with him about what he sees?
And he saw it come down another time,
at the Sidr tree of the end goal,
where the garden is the refuge.
When what covered (it) covered the Sidr tree,
Verily, he saw the greatest of the signs of his Lord.
(To Najm: 7-18)

وأصحب ٱليمين مآ أصحب ٱليمين (27) فى سدر مخضود (28) وطلح منضود (29) وظل ممدود (30) ومآء مسكوب (31) وفكهة كثيرة (32) لا مقطوعة ولا ممنوعة (33)
And the companions on the right – what are the companions on the right?
(They are) among thornless Sidr trees
and densely layered mimosa
and elongated shadow,
(at) pouring water,
(with) many fruits,
which are neither interrupted nor denied,
(Waqiah: 27-33)

“… It is recommended to add seven leaves of Sidr to the water. This has already been used by some Salaf (Righteous Ancestors) to remove Sorcery (Sihr) by reciting on the water Ayatul Kursyy, Al Ikhlas, Al Muawidhatayn and some Suwar/Ayat against Sorcery (Sihr), Surah al A’raf , Surah Yunus and the Surah Taha. You can recite this yourself or have others help you, with Allah’s permission (in shaa Allah).”
(Shaykh Bin Baz, Part 28, Page 346)
Sulayman Ibn Umaya (Shaykh of Thaqif) Ibn Mas’ud heard A’isha advising a woman to use Sidr and water to wash away the traces of sorcery (sihr).
(Sharh Usul I’tiqaad Ahl Sunnah wa-l Jamaa – 7/1288)

“… A method of treating sorcery that has caused the husband to be unable to have sexual intercourse with his wife is as follows: Take 7 leaves of the green Sidr (lotus tree) and crush them; then put them in a container and pour over them as much water as you need for washing. After that, recite the following Suwar/ayat over the water: Ayatul Kursyy, al Kafirun, al Ikhlas, Al Falaq and an Nas and the ayat against Sihr in Surah al A’raf. Then drink the water three times and then wash yourself with the remaining water. This is how the disease is cured, if Allah wills. This method can be repeated twice or more until the disease is cured…”
(Fataawa by Shaykh Bin Baz, Volume 3, Pages 274-282)

Al Hafiz Ibn Hajar al Asqalani رحمه الله said that in the books of Wahab bin Manabah, Ibn Abtal said that one should take 7 leaves of the green sidr tree, then crush them with stones, add water and then read on them: Ayatul Kursi (2:255) and al Qawakil (Suras beginning with “Qul”, i.e. Sura al Jinn, al Kafirun, al Ikhlas, al Falaq, an Nas). You should now drink 3 sips of this water and wash yourself with the rest. This will remove all his ailments and is a remedy for men who have a sexual disorder.
(Fath al Baari – 10/233)

Shaykh Abdullah Abdurrahman al Jibreen said: I performed Ruqyah on relatives and friends who were unable to perform sexual intercourse with their wives. I followed Ibn Kathir رحمه الله using Sidr leaves and reciting the verses he mentioned and they were cured by Allah’s permission.”
It was narrated that the Messenger of Allaah sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam required his late daughter Zaynab: “Wash her three times, five times or more with water and lotus (sidr) and add camphor or some of it to the last wash.”

It was narrated from Qays Ibn ‘Asim that when he wanted to embrace Islam, the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam ordered him to perform ghusl with water and sidr. [Imam Ahmad, Abu Dawud, At Tirmidhi, An Nasa’i and Ibn Majah]
(Shaykh Bin Baz, Volume 11, Page 37)

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