Ruqyah Sheet – Ayat against Zina-/Lover Jinn (Aashiq Jinn)

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Ruqyah Sheet
Ruqyah paper is used to make Ruqyah water yourself, which is suitable for drinking, washing and spraying.

✔️ No more reading the water necessary
✔️ Make Ruqyah water quickly and easily
✔️ Water stays clear (slightly purple)
✔️ In legible writing
✔️ Fully edible (food paper, food colouring)
✔️ Up to 25 liters of Ruqyah water can be made with one sheet

How to use
Please check our blog for more information, step-by-step instructions, possible applications and more

Please note that the water should be consumed within 3-4 days

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SunnahCure Ruqyah Sheet, Ayat against Zina-/Lover Jinn (Aashiq Jinn), 1 Sheet

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Benefits from islamic sources
The following question was asked to the Standing Committee on Islamic Legal Affairs, headed by Sheikh Abdurrazzak Al Afifi رحمه الله and Sheikh Ibn Baz رحمه الله:
“When one is in pain, he asks for ruqia, and some ruqaat then write some verses for him, saying, ‘Do this in water (dissolve it) and drink it.’ Is this allowed?”
Answer: The Institute for Islamic Research and Standing Committee responded to a similar question as follows:
Drinking or bathing with verses of the Quran written on paper, glass, etc. is permissible according to the general content of verse 82 of Surah al Isra, for the Quran is healing for the heart and body. In this verse Allah subhana wa ta’ala says:
Al Isra 17 / 82
82 – And We send down from the Quran what is healing and mercy for the believers; but to the unjust it only increases the harm.

In a Hadith in Mustadrak by Hakim رحمه الله and Sunan by Ibn Majah رحمه الله , Abdullah ibn Mas’ud narrated the following from the Messenger of Allah SallAllahu alaihi wa Sallam:
“Two healings (or means of healing) you should not leave: honey and the Quran.”

In another hadith in Ibn Majah from Ali, it is narrated from the Messenger of Allaah sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam:
“The best medicine is the Quran.”

Furthermore, Ibn Sunni narrated from Ibn ‘Abbas: “If a woman has problems during childbirth, a clean container is taken and the following verses are written in it:
Al Ahqaf 46 / 35:
35 – … On the day when they see what is threatened them, it will seem to them as if they had tarried only one hour a day (in the grave)…

To Naziat 79 / 46:
46 – On that day when they look at them as if they had stayed (on earth) no longer than one evening or the next morning.
Yusuf 12 / 111:
111 – Verily, in their stories is a lesson for those who understand…
Water is then poured over this container. Then it is given to the woman to drink, splash (or rub) on her stomach and face.”

Ibnul Qayyim رحمه الله said the following in Zaad al Ma’aad: “Hallal رحمه الله said the following: “Abdullah رحمه الله the son of Imam Ahmad رحمه الله , the son of Imam Ahmad رحمه الله narrated to me as follows: “I saw my father for a woman who had problems giving birth wrote down the following supplication and verses in a white or clean container according to a tradition from Ibn Abbas رحمه الله:
الْحَلِيمُ الْكَرِيمُ
سُبْحَانَ اللَّهِ رَبِّ الْعَرْشِ الْعَظِيمِ
الْحَمْدُ لِلَّهِ رَبِّ الْعَالَمِين

Muhammad 47/35
35 – …And Allah is with you, and He will not belittle your deeds.
To Naziat 79 / 46:
46 – On that day when they look at them as if they had stayed (on earth) no longer than one evening or the next morning.
Hallal رحمه الله says: Abu Bakr al Marwazi رحمه الله told us as follows: “To Imam Ahmad رحمه الله a man came and asked: “O Imam, can you write something for a woman who has not been able to give birth for two days? “. He said, “Bring a large container and saffron. I have seen the Imam writing for many people.”
Ibnul Qayyim رحمه الله also said: “The Salaf believe that one writes down verses of the Quran for a sick person and then makes him drink them.”
Imam Mujahid رحمه الله said: “There is nothing wrong with writing the Quran in a container and pouring water over it and the sick person then drinks it.”

Fatwa Allajna Addaima, Fatwa No. 143

————————————————– ———————————–

It is also narrated that one can write ayat from the Qur’an on paper and then dissolve it in water and drink it. This is narrated by ibn Abbas, Mujahid, ibn al-Qayyim, Shaykhul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah and other scholars of the Salaf. Also, Muhammad bin Ibrahim رحمه الله was asked about it, and he said that there is nothing wrong with it. Also ibn ‘Uthaymin رحمه الله permitted this action, as evidence he cited the general meaning of the following ayah (meaning): {And We reveal from the Quran what is healing and mercy for the believers…}

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