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How to use Ruqyah Sheet (dissolvable quran ruqyah paper)

How to use Ruqyah Sheet (dissolvable quran ruqyah paper)

Ruqyah water is an element of Islamic tradition, particularly in Ruqyah, a practice aimed at healing and protecting from spiritual and physical ailments through faith and invocation of God. Making Ruqyah water with Ruqyah Sheet follows a relatively simple process, yet carries profound spiritual significance. Here is a detailed guide to preparing Ruqyah water, also known as the basic mixture:


  • Water (5-25 litres): The amount can vary depending on your needs. It is recommended to use clean, pure water.
  • Ruqyah Sheet: This special paper contains certain Quranic verses or prayers, written by a scholar or a trusted individual. The writing on the Ruqyah Sheet is in edible ink, ensuring the safety of its use.
  • Container: A large vessel, such as a bucket, is needed to hold the water.

Steps for Preparation:

  1. Water Preparation: Fill a large container with water.
  2. Incorporating Ruqyah Paper: Place the Ruqyah paper in the water. If you are using multiple sheets, lay each sheet in the water one at a time until it is softened by the water.
  3. Waiting Period: Wait approximately 15 minutes for the writing to mostly detach from the Ruqyah paper. Some writing will always remain on the paper.
  4. Removal of Paper: It is safe to leave the paper in the water, as it is completely edible, but the water may become slightly slimy. Therefore, it might be advisable to remove the paper with a sieve or similar tool.
  5. Ruqyah Water Ready: You now have prepared Ruqya water, which should last about 3–4 days.

This basic Ruqyah water can be used in various ways in Ruqyah or enhanced with other ingredients to increase its effect.

    For a more detailed, visual guide on how to prepare ruqyah water, check out our YouTube video tutorial, specifically between minutes 0:00 to 1:14:

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