Natural Henna

How to use Henna

Use for decorative henna painting

You need:

· 100 g SunnahCure Natural Henna

· A bowl

· Spoon

· 270-300ml. Lemon Juice/Black Tea

· 15-20 g caster sugar or sugar

· 15ml. Essential oils (SunnahCure lavender oil, tea tree oil, etc)

· Cling film

· If necessary, gloves

· If necessary, henna spray or henna stencils


1.) Gradually mix 100 grams of Henna with about 270-300ml of lemon juice or black tea and add 15-20 grams of sugar to it.

For easier mixing, it is best to sieve again beforehand (not necessary). Important! Mix the paste well and it should not be too liquid, otherwise the motif will later melt!

2.) Add about 15ml essential oil to the henna mixture and mix the paste thoroughly.

3.) Cover the paste with cling film so that there is no more air between the two or otherwise cover so that the paste does not dry

4.) Leave the paste in a place that is as warm as possible for 24 hours before using it.

After this time, please check whether the henna paste is too runny or too dry and add more henna powder or lemon juice/black tea accordingly.

5.) Now you can apply the henna as you like. I recommend henna stencils – leave them on for 4-10 hours for an ideal result!

Tip: During this time you can put something on top of your henna to go about your everyday life, e.g. a bandage, cling film, an old sock, etc.

6.) After the exposure time, do not wash the henna off with water, but rub it off or, if necessary, smear it with vegetable oil (including baby oil), leave it to work for a short time and then remove the henna paste from the painting using a spoon or similar.

7.) Now it’s time to wait! The color is initially light orange and develops to a dark reddish brown within 24-48 hours. Color may vary due to skin type and exposure time. On the hands and feet you have a color-intensive result.

Depending on how often your henna painting comes into contact with water, you can now enjoy your skin decoration for 1-2 weeks

Application for hair

Mix SunnahCure Henna with hot water to form a paste. Now distribute this on your hair and leave it on for at least 2 hours, ideally wrapped overnight. Then wash out thoroughly.

Repeat this process after 2 days (once) for a better result.

Expert tip: For particularly color-intensive results, take 5 tablespoons of henna and mix it with the juice of half a lemon, lukewarm water and a little sugar. For coloring hair, a mixture of 5 tablespoons of henna, black tea, 1 tablespoon of olive oil or argan oil leads to well-groomed, dark hair.

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