Alum Stone (Potassium Alum) Crystal Powder

How to use Alum Stone / Potassium Alum

As Deodorant

  1. Before you apply, it is necessary to make sure you’ve either showered, shaved, or simply cleansed the underarm area with a little soap and/or hot water, because Potassium Alum only works on clean skin!
  2. Moisten the Alum Stone with a little water.
  3. Smooth it onto your underarm area until most of the water is absorbed, to create an invisible salt layer.
  4. Let your skin dry for a couple of seconds before putting on clothes.

As Aftershave (face, body, bikini zone) or after waxing

  1. Cleanse skin that has been shaved or waxed.
  2. Moisten the Alum Stone with a little water.
  3. Apply it to your skin directly after you shave. Rub the stone around until most of the moisture is absorbed.
  4. To use it to stop bleeding, rub the Alum Stone over the cut until it dries, and it should stop bleeding almost right away. It can sting a bit since it’s a salt, but that means it’s working.
  5. If you want to apply an aftershave balm or facial moisturizer as well:
    Splash some water on your face after using the alum stone, and then follow it with your moisturizer or aftershave.

As facial toner or spot treatment

Moisten the Alum Stone with a little water and apply to affected areas.

You can do this at night, or in the morning, but do note that it can be drying on some skin types. Be careful to not over-use this treatment, as it can dry out your skin or throw your natural oils out of balance. A couple of times a week should be fine.

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