9 Tips for a Healthy Body

▶️ 9 Tips for a Healthy Body ◀️ (Part 1)

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▶️ 9 Tips for a healthy body ◀️ (Part 1)

1️.) Healthy eating? – “You are what you eat”; Eat at regular intervals, taking enough time to chew the food thoroughly. Be conscious of what you eat, i.e. lots of raw vegetables, fruit and vegetables and fewer unhealthy foods. Drink at least 2-3 litres a day!

2️.) Fasting ?- Give your body a break from food and worldly physical pleasures so that it can recover and you can feed your soul with dhikr instead.

3️.) Ideal weight ?- Exercise enough, make sure you eat healthy food and if possible do not eat after 6 pm.

4️.) Emptying? – Take care of your natural daily emptying of your bowels through healthy whole foods, enough water, exercise and, if necessary, natural laxatives such as senna, psyllium husks or prune juice.

5️.) Breathing? – Breathe! Easier said than done, but most people have forgotten how to breathe properly due to stress. Consciously breathe in the pure air in an upright posture.

6️.) Sweat ?- Do enough exercise and try to sweat yourself out once a day.

7️.) Light and air? – …gives the body power and strength! Get out into the fresh air regularly and enjoy the sun’s rays.

8️.) Nature? – Live as naturally as possible! Rather use wood than plastic. Avoid artificial objects and harmful environments and prefer to use natural products. Enjoy regular trips to the countryside.

9️.) Sleep?️ – Give your body enough time to recharge. Sleep at least 6 hours a day, at best 7-8 hours. Too much sleep, on the other hand, is also harmful.

Part 2 – Tips for a healthy soul follows in shaa Allah…?

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