Who is Mr. Yoogi? -My meeting with a Sahir (magician)-.

🤯 Who is Mr. Yoogi? 🤯 -My meeting with a Sahir (magician)-.

Message from a brother to us:

…One day I met a man who is probably from the Indian or Pakistani region. He greeted me with the Salam and introduced himself as “Mr. Yoogi”. He wanted to give me his business card. Reflexively, I wanted to accept it, but I first asked him about his occupation. He replied that he can read my aura, predict the future, read palms, read coffee grounds, create amulets and much more. He does this for free or for as much money as I want to give him, as long as it comes from the heart.
I clearly showed through my body language that I was not interested in his business card and had to smile inwardly that he had come to exactly the right one. I asked him if he was Muslim and he said yes. Then I asked him if it was allowed to work with Jinn or to communicate with them or how he carried out this activity.
He replied that he works with the good Jinn to fight the bad ones and to help the people. He added that he is accompanied by several good Jinn at all times and talks to them. He suddenly started telling things about me that no one knows and it made it seem like someone was giving him credit for it. I now knew that he was a real Sahir and asked him where the good Jinn were. He said, “They are here right now at this moment!”. I recited aloud from the Qur’an on the spot and asked if his “good” Jinn were still here. He tried to talk his way out of it and said that yes, they love to hear the Qur’an and are so happy and content now that they have left the room. Allahu mustaan!

I asked him where he had studied and he showed me a picture of a mosque in India where he had been trained (in his Shirk). Then I asked him if all the trainees there were Muslims, because I had once met a man called “Mr. Yoogi” and he was a Sikh, not a Muslim. He said that anyone can come there, no matter what religion they belong to, so there, for example, Muslims and Hindus learn together (how to make Sihr!). After this training, the person is called “Mr. Yoogi”.

I asked him how he can control the good Jinn. He answered that from evening when the sun sets until sunrise he is busy with “worship” and “service” and after that he sleeps only 4-5 hours and spends the day “helping” the people. I felt very ashamed inside, as this Sahir is busy with this Satanic worship from Maghrib to Fajr and that every day! We, on the other hand, sleep, some tlws 12 hours a day and if you help the Ummah, it is only for money and this Sahir offers it for free. Allahu mustaan!

Anyway, I still wanted to do Da’wa with him and told him that the Prophet SallAllahu alaihi wa Sallam said that every Sahir is a Kafir, so no longer a Muslim. I then asked him to leave the shop. He took his business card and muttered unintelligible words on it, whereupon I immediately recited the Qur’an aloud again and he quickly up and left. However, he threw his business card on the ground towards me, which I then destroyed according to the Ruqya method.

Tip from SunnahCure: How to destroy Sihr

You need:

  • (disposable) gloves
  • A container
  • Ruqyah water
  • Lighter or matches
  1. Prepare the ruqyah water by either preparing water with Ruqyah Sheets (SunnahCure Ayat against Sihr) or reading it yourself. It should be read at least with the following Ayat:
    7x Araf: 117-122
    7x Yunus: 81-82
    7x Taha: 68-70
    7x Al Falaq
    7x An Nas
  2. Put on gloves and put the Sihr in the Ruqyah water for 20-30 minutes.
  3. Take out the Sihr after that and let it dry.
  4. When it has dried, burn the Sihr while reciting Suratul Falaq and Suratun Nas.
  5. If you can’t burn it, destroy it as best you can and then throw it in the trash (that’s where the incinerator goes).

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