True Incident on the Path of Ignorance

😁 True Incident on the Path of Ignorance 😁

Shaykh Khattab al Raqi narrates:
“A few weeks ago, the following event happened. I brought a Bosnian brother to the mosque who has been possessed by a Jinn for 3 years.
This brother said to the other brothers after the Adhan that he has a Jinn and they should not be surprised or scared if he shows certain reactions in prayer.
I prayed before and after the prayer was over I was busy, however I saw the possessed brother talking to another brother. We had to leave, so the brother with whom the possessed brother had been talking called me and said, “Shaykh Khattab, I have given the brother a solution.” I then asked him what the solution was. He replied to me, ” The brother should put his pants on backwards for 3 days!”. I replied, ” My dear brother, are you already awake or still in the time of ignorance?”. He asked what I meant by that and I continued, “You have a Jinn yourself. Eliminate your ignorance first before you speak.”

Dear brothers and sisters in Islam, this is superstition (الخرافات)!
Some Muslims live as if in the time of ignorance before Islam. For what was the Qur’an revealed? What did the Messenger SallAllahu alayhi wa Sallam come for?
Some people are not yet properly awakened.
A person who is afflicted by a jinn must seek the solution only from Allah. There is no other way.
Ruqyah is done as the Messenger of Allah SallAllahu alayhi wa Sallam allowed us to do. If one uses means that are not permitted, i.e. fraud, deceit and magic, he will be punished for it on the Last Day.”

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