Healthy and Fit 9 Tips for a Happy Soul

🏋️ Healthy and Fit ⛹️ ▶️ 9 Tips for a Happy Soul ◀️ (Part 2)

1️) Meaning of life??-Allah ta’ala created human beings and Jinn only for the sake that we serve HIM. You may feed your body with food, but your soul feeds on the worship of Allah, so feed your soul so that you may feel true happiness! This includes not only prayer, but any time you spend for Allah.

2️.) Find your true calling?-Have you always wanted something and a dream in life? Have you always wanted to be a scholar, a doctor or an animal rights activist? Fulfil that dream if it is in accordance with Allah’s commandments and live your dream.

3️.) Success ?-Be wholehearted in whatever you do and show steadfastness so that you may succeed in everything and be happy.

4️.) Enjoy. ?️ – Don’t do things by halves, but rather do little, but do it right and perceive it consciously! We live in a hectic world where multitasking is constantly demanded, but rather set yourself the goal of doing one thing 100% than 3 things halfway.

5️.) Willingness to change ? – Life is all about constant change, so change with it. Adapt to circumstances in the best way you can, but never lose sight of your personality or your dreams in the process.

6️.) Don’t get annoyed! ? – Everything that hits the Muslim is good for him! There are always situations that make you boil, but that only destroys the balance of your soul and pleases and strengthens the Shaytan. So keep cool ?

7️.) Purify your soul daily ?️ – Go within yourself once a day, preferably before going to bed, and ask yourself if you feel any resentment inside towards other people or certain situations. If so, purify yourself from them, remember Yaum al Qiyamah, the short life, because Allah ultimately decides the final goal, therefore detach yourself from these problems and focus on your final goal!

️8️.) Live in the here and now ?️ – Close with the past, what has happened, has happened. Get rid of guilt, for yesterday is not coming back and tomorrow is yet to come.

️9️.) Rejoice! ? – Say YES to life, be alive and spontaneous! Recognise your fears and eliminate them and replace them with security and love. Be grateful for all good things, alhamduliLLAH!

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