📚Am I still one of the 70,000 who will go to paradise without reckoning if I ask for Ruqya?🕌

Many people are afraid of no longer being among the 70,000 who will go to Paradise without reckoning if they make Ruqya or ask for it, because of the following Hadith:

⚪Al-Bukhāri (#6472) and Muslim (#220) reported from ibn `Abbās (may Allah be pleased with them both) that the Messenger of Allah (Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) said, “70,000 of my Ummah will enter Paradise without being held accountable. They are those who do not ask for Ruqyah or believe in evil omens or use branding irons and they fully trust in their Lord.”

▪️Ibn Hajar al Asqalani says about the hadith “70,000 will enter Paradise without reckoning” (his explanation has 25 pages)-> “Here the people who have Tawakkul and will enter Paradise without reckoning, these are people who have not only renounced Ruqya but have renounced everything in every way.” So even when they had a toothache, they did not go to the doctor, but always went directly to Allah.

▪️Shaykh Abu Fatima commented:
The statement of al-Imam ibn Hajar is a statement in the subject, there are other statements and that is : It is meant that these people who demand Ruqia refer their hearts to Allah and not to Ar-Raqi and therefore they are included in the 70. 000, this statement is considerable because Ar-Ruqia is remedy and this is very popular in Ash-Shariaa, the statement from the brother (that there is Ruqya Sharia which is the permissible and Ruqya Shirkiyya -with Shirk- which is the forbidden) is also included In the second statement as these people are not like the people of al Jahiliyyah (the pre-Islamic period) who believe that the remedies themselves cure , Wa Allahu alam.

❗It is important to note that one should be aware that a Raqi is NOT a healer but merely gives advice to the patient and reads to him, the healing comes solely from Allah❗.

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