10 Qualities of good character

🧕 10 Qualities of good character 🧔

Ā’ishah (radhi’Allāhu ‘anha) said mutatis mutandis:

Verily, Makarim al-Akhlaq (a good character) lies in 10 things;

1.) Truthfulness in words
2.) Sincere striving in being obedient to Allāh.
3.) Giving to the beggar
4) Returning favours
5.) Maintaining relationships (connections).
6) Being good (kind) to one’s neighbour
7) Being good (kind) to your companion (friend)
8) Honouring the guest
9) Returning what has been entrusted to us
10.) And the head of all this is al-Hayā (shamefulness).”

📚 Makarim al-Akhlaq by Ibn Abi Dunya

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